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What is Intermarketforecast?

                All markets are more or less interrelated,

                which change from time to time.

                The change in correlation is calculated by                                Intermarketforecast and combined into a Report.

                Intermarketforecast searches for high correlation

                from another market to your interested market.

How to forecast?

               If the interested market fits to the other market

               and is a leading indicator; Intermarketforecast

               can postpone this indicator on the timeline into

               the future and optimize the correlation again to

               get the best Intermarket-Forecast.


               One would say, that the Intermarket has a

               delivery time to your interested market.


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More about Intermarketforecast


       Assume an Intermarket is correlated to another market

       by 93%, it doesn´t mean trading acurracy. 

       You can use the Forecast for an idea of price movement 

       in a more precise time area than having no idea

       of the future.  Intermarketforcast is a leading indicator and

       can give you confidence in your trades.

       Intermarketforecasts are very fascinating with the fundamental

       background of the other markets as independent indicator.



This is how it turns out until End of 2022 (created on 30.12.2022).

You can see, that there is an edge on using Intermarkets!
Is it perfect? - No.

But you are way ahead of just knowing 
a blank white screen on the right side!



           The Futures Report calculates the best Intermarket

           correlations for the next month. 

                   1.  E-Mini                          6.  Soybeans

                   2.  Crude Oil                     7.  Dollar

                   3.  Bonds                          8.  Natural Gas

                   4.  Gold                             9.  Copper

                   5.  Corn                           10.  Bitcoin  




           The free ETHEREUM intermarketforecast and

           the free TOP 5 DAX Stocks forecasts

           you can find in the GALLERY.



​           Individual Markets and/or Intermarkets can be provided

           on Request.





Ralf Kroeger

Holzreie 3a

22359 Hamburg, GERMANY

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